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     Black Star Investment Group emanated from a nonprofit economic development agency called the UNIA in Oakland CA. In the year 2000 our founder was adamant about creating access to wealth for the otherwise disenfranchised. We were able to accomplish this by way of social entrepreneurship, business development(15) and home ownership. It is our belief that making the pathway to wealth less complicated is the best way to eradicate poverty, crime, and financial illiteracy.

     Aside from entrepreneurship we spent the next four years focusing on property assessments and acquisitions through partnership with Stonecrest Financial. The next four years was spent on property management and development through partnership with the East Bay Asian Local Development Committee, as a result we were able to provide 7 developments and 500 homes for former renters. The ensuing four years we used our license to buy and sell properties. The next four year we worked on commercial and investment properties. Consistent with our mission, we continue providing access to the basics by partnering with a major auto dealer finding financing and transportation for those in need.

Why us?

We have direct access to $10,000,000, however, the past 16 years we have managed to accumulate 19 partners(lenders and investors) with capital up to $100,000,000.

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